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2013 Declarations “Remaining On High Alert..

Prophetic Declarations! 2013 Watchmen..Remaining on High Alert

The Word of God Declares that: Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Prov?18:21)

  • 1.?????2013 is the year of Judgment; I decree and declare that God will rule in my favor.?(Daniel?7:26-27)
  • 2.???I decree and declare that I am focused.? My eyes shall be fixed on God;?I will not allow myself to be distracted by trivial things. God?is the author and finisher of my Faith. ?(Heb 12 Ps 25: 15 , Ps 16:8)
  • 3.????I decree and declare that 2013 is the year of accountability; therefore I must answer to God for whatever work I perform, whether good or evil.?(Rom?14:12,?John?14:26)
  • 4.????I decree and declare that this is the year of greater intimacy with God. I will tarry in His presence until I am delivered and transformed. I must manifest and hasten to the work of the Kingdom. The harvest (Souls) shall come in.?(Psalm 63:1-11 , Gen 35, Ps 37:7 Luke 10:2)
  • 5.?????I decree and declare that this is the year of victory! All generational curses, spells, hexes and spirits assigned to my life, family and destiny must be dismantled, detached and destroyed. I am redeemed from the curse and I refuse to accept its symptoms. I am now ready to receive all spiritual and God ordained inheritances.?(Ephesians 1:3 Gal?3:13-14:?Col?2:14-15)
  • 6.????I decree and declare that limitations of man are broken of my life therefore; I am ready to move into supernatural realms were all things are possible.?(Micah 7:8, Psalms 113:7-9, Jer 33:3, 1 Chron 4:9-10, John 5) :? John?2:11,?Matthew 24:24,?Acts 1:8, and?2 Corinthians?4:18.
  • 7.?????I decree and declare that I will remain on high alert in the spirit, watching and listening carefully to the Spirit of the Lord. I will not labor and watch in vain because the Lord builds and watches this house.?(Ps 127:1)
  • 8.???I decree and declare that this is the year of prevailing prayer. I will pray fervently and effectively until God?s will be established and His promises are manifested in the earth. (James?5:16, James 4 Esther 4 & Esther 5)
  • 9.????I decree and declare that I will not be seduced out of the will of God. I determine to live holy therefore; there must be a separation in my conduct and my action.?(Daniel?11:36)
  • 10.??????????????????????2013 I decree and declare that disorder is far from me.God?s Word comes out of my mouth, and it accomplishes what God desires and achieves the purpose for which He sent it.Whatever is of a good report I speak it and think it. I refuse to complain or murmur in this season. I will therefore live in the promise.?(Ps 103:20?Proverbs?18:21? ?Num 11:1-3)
  • 11.??I decree and declare that I am approved and validated by God. I will not look to man for approval or validation; God is my source.Nothing is missing, nothing is broken I am whole in every area of my life.?(Luke?1:34, Rom 1:1, Gal?1:10)
  • 12.I decree and declare that this is a year of uncommon results and supernatural God will vindicate and avenge me of my adversaries.Jesus is the Guarantee of all the promises of God. He makes sure that I enjoy all my privileges and rights under the new agreement. ?(Luke 18:3.?turnarounds?(Ps 105:17-22, Acts 9:1-6)
  • 13.I decree and declare that this is the year of Influence. God is resting much in my hands therefore; I must use my influence to advance the Kingdom of God and not my personal agenda.(Matthew?6:33, Prov 3:4, Luke?2:52?Deuteronomy 33:13-16 Gen 39 Jos 6)

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